What is the GORE-TEX fabric?

GORE-TEX products are well known for providing long-lasting, comfortable weather protection you can trust from your head down to your toes. But what exactly is the GORE-TEX fabric? Is it a coating or an impregnation? An outer fabric or an inner textile lining? It's none of those but all of the following:


1. It's a membrane

The GORE-TEX membrane is at the heart of all GORE-TEX products. Due to its microporous structure it has some amazing characteristics.

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2. It's a laminate

A GORE-TEX laminate is created by bonding the GORE-TEX membrane between high-performance lining and outer textiles.

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Product technology

3. It's a product technology

GORE-TEX product technologies offer unique solutions for specific activities and climate conditions to fit your individual needs.

Outerwear Technologies
Footwear Technologies
Gloves Technologies


4. It's a promise

All products engineered with GORE-TEX product technology carry the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.

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Learn about GORE-TEX product technologies

  • GORE-TEX Active Products with New Permanent Beading Surface

    The lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX products available.


    Designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate or warmer conditions.

  • GORE-TEX gloves + Gore 2 in 1 technology

    These gloves with two different chambers make it easy and convenient to change between direct grip and warmth.

  • Men's Jacket Norvan SL Hoody