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Master the extreme

Durably Waterproof

Guaranteed protection throughout your garment’s entire lifetime, even after extended periods in extreme conditions. Even when the rain is horizontal or the snow storm raging, you can rely on our technology.

Extremely Breathable

Sweat accumulation slows you down and decreases comfort. And it can cause your temperature to drop during rest periods. Our garments are rigorously tested to be extremely breathable, meaning sweat vapor can always escape.

Totally Windproof

When you reach an exposed peak or exit the cover of trees, a cold wind can drop your body temperature fast. Our technology blocks out wind completely, so you stay protected and comfortable for longer.

Very Rugged

Our garments are as tough as the terrain you love to explore. They protect you, stand up to damage, and have a longer useful life. That means you have to replace things less often, which is better for you and for the environment.

GORE-TEX PRO technology

This is gear for going further than you’ve ever been before. GORE-TEX PRO technology is for outdoor professionals and serious outdoor enthusiasts who need the best weather protection available. Our extremely rigorous testing standards mean that you get the ultimate in waterproof, windproof and breathability – guaranteed.


GORE-TEX ARMACOR® product technology

Some GORE-TEX PRO garments for motorcycling contain GORE-TEX ARMACOR® product technology. This advanced mix of Kevlar and Cordura offers excellent tear and abrasion resistance, while still being light in weight and allowing mobility.

Backed by a GORE-TEX membrane, its waterproof, windproof, and breathability capabilities are guaranteed

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