How you benefit
Trusted comfort and protection. Make more of everyday.

Durably Waterproof

Reliable, innovative waterproofness that keeps your feet dry—guaranteed.

Optimized breathablility

Our innovative technologies are integrated into the shoe for optimized breathability, allowing moisture to escape to stay comfortable any season, any weather.

Warm outdoors*

GORE-TEX footwear with insulated technology features a specific layer of breathable insulation to keep you warmer, for longer, when the temperature drops.

*Only in GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort footwear

Trusted comfort and protection. Make more of everyday.

From mountain sports to days exploring cafes and galleries, GORE-TEX footwear is designed for a wide range of activities. With optimized breathability and GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ protection your feet stay dry and comfortable, all day, all year round. From small steps to giant leaps—and everything in-between—you can make more of everyday.



Some GORE-TEX Footwear features a unique construction that combines stretch laminates, lining textiles, and connection seams. This ensures your foot stays protected from the weather, while avoiding wrinkles or folds in the instep area. The technology also offers durable stretch and recovery, allowing your footwear to take you further.

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