Dry and cool feet – all day long.

GORE-TEX SURROUND® Casual Footwear for every-day casual use

Casual shoes engineered with GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology are designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate or warmer conditions. Thanks to their innovative sole construction your feet stay dry and comfortably cool even at higher temperatures.

Injected version of outsole with N-INJECTECH®
Openings in the sole
Decor layer
Protective layer
GORE-TEX laminate

Construction with Open Sole

Structure Shoes made with this construction can be easily recognized by their large vertical sole openings, that allow excess heat and moisture to escape. At the same time a special GORE-TEX laminate that surrounds your feet from all sides prevents that water can penetrate from outside. A protection layer, made from an extremely resistant fleece, protects your feet and the GORE-TEX laminate from stones or sharp objects.

Injected version of outsole with N-INJECTECH®
Ventilation grid
Side Sole Openings
GORE-TEX laminate

Construction with Side Sole Openings

With this construction, the openings are positioned at the side of the sole. Moisture and warmth are not only conducted via the upper of the shoe, but also downwards through the GORE-TEX laminate into a ventilation grid. From there they can escape through large side sole openings. Your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable even at higher temperatures.

  • Men's Shoes San Luis GTX® Lo

  • Women's Shoes Ramble GTX® SURROUND®


Did you know...

GORE-TEX SURROUND® shoes are also available for hiking and multisport activities.

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