GORE-TEX® insulated comfort footwear

Outer material
Protective knit
GORE-TEX® membrane
High insulation

Shoes engineered with GORE-TEX® insulated comfort product technology are designed for cold weather and outdoor activities in winter.

They combine durably waterproofness and optimised breathability with insulation for use in cold weather conditions, which makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of outdoor activities. Water and snow stay outside while perspiration escapes from the inside. Thanks to their insulated inner lining they offer reliable protection from the cold, which makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of outdoor activities.

High Insulation
GORE-TEX® membrane
Protective knit

Laminate construction

The core element in GORE-TEX® insulated comfort footwear is a 4-layer laminate that performs high insulation. 

It is made up of a highly abrasion resistant, quick re-drying textile lining material, the microporous GORE-TEX® membrane made of ePTFE and, a high insulation layer and a protective knit. GORE-TEX® insulated comfort laminates are breathable and highly insulated for maximum heat retention. The wearers’ feet will be protected from water and in cold temperatures, while sweat gathering inside the footwear can easily escape.

Upper material
GORE-TEX® membrane
Insulation layer
Water vapour (sweat)
Body heat retention
dry insulation = warm insulation

The technology inside

GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear

Insulation layer that stays dry and keeps its heat retention properties due to the durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane. 

Upper material
Insulation layer
Wet insulation
Water vapour (sweat)
Body heat loss
wet insulation = no insulation

Conventional Insulated Footwear

Wet or damp insulation layer (caused by water or sweat) will lose its insulating properties – 6 times higher heat loss than a dry insulation.

Additional Features

Outer material
Protective knit
GORE-TEX® membrane
New Insulation - 15 % lighter*
Special inner lining
*vs. comparable GORE-TEX® footwear laminates with Rct ≥ 100 [10-3 m2K/W]

More warmth and less weight: GORE-TEX® insulated comfort footwear - redefined.

The GORE-TEX® insulated comfort footwear product class has a new footwear laminate development. It’s new insulation technology uses hollow fibres, which is able to ensure the same level of insulation with 15% less weight while simultaneously offering a more comfortable fit to the wearer. 

Ideal for

  • Safety footwear for Workwear
  • Daily duty footwear for Police
  • Combat footwear for Military

The new GORE-TEX® footwear laminate has the same basic 4-layer construction consisting of an abrasion resistant textile lining material, the microporous GORE-TEX® membrane, an insulation layer and a protective knit.

One difference: The new insulation material is a high bulk volume fleece made with lightweight, synthetic hollow fibres. The arrangement of the fibres produces a three-dimensional structure, which traps more air while using fewer fibres. This lowers the weight of the material.

New insulation - 15 % lighter

Fewer, lightweight hollow fibres, low fibre density

Conventional insulation

Many, tightly packed, standard fibres


Extremely lightweight

As much as 15% less weight*

Durably high level of thermal insulation

Due  to hollow fibre structure with Rct ≥100 [10-3m2K/W]

Durably waterproof


Enhanced wear comfort

Due  to the softness of the insulation

Extremely hard-wearing