The GORE-TEX #TestedForLife Tryouts Challenge

We want you to test our technology where you need it.


We know that you like to tackle every turn, every challenge, and every obstacle you face in life. And these are quite some challenging times right now. That’s why we push our products to the limit too. We want to keep your adventure alive wherever you live, in any weather, in every season.

You can put your trust in our products when it matters most. It could be when you’re embarking on a month-long ski-touring expedition in your home country Norway. Or when you’re picking up the kids and groceries, and get caught in a rogue rainstorm.

There are so many challenges we all face every day. That’s why we keep testing and improving. But in the end, it’s all about what happens beyond the lab. Our experts and athletes – and you – test our GORE-TEX engineered clothing in the places they need to be tested: outside. This is why we created the #TestedForLife Tryouts Challenge. We want YOU to test our technology where you need it most.

We received a lot of responses, videos, photos, texts, and a whole lot of exciting experiences back in 2019. We were genuinely inspired by all the stories that we received. And we want to share everything with you, right here on our blog. Be inspired by all the tests that life can throw at us. You'll soon find eight inspirational stories from intriguing adventurers and their passions here. How did they face their challenges? And how did GORE-TEX help them along the way? Check out their adventures.

Staying dry during offshore search and rescue training

Freezing water, biting wind, and a search and rescue training drill in a Norwegian fjord. As a helicopter rescues a group of people from the ocean; I follow the action with my camera, capturing the moments of pure teamwork and concentration.

See Njord's #TestedForLife Tryout right here.

Initiatives that motivate me doing sports and keeping a healthy lifestyle 

Living in a small city in Arizona is great, but what’s even better are the sporty challenges around here. My name is Marci Sheer, I am a GORE-TEX associate and cycling is one of my favorite things to do.

For Marci's #TestedForLife Tryout, click here.

About protecting the planet and outdoor sports 

My name is Leo Kleine, and this is now the third winter that I’m working on the Protect Our Winter project. After moving to Switzerland, I realized how vital climate protection really is – the melting glaciers are just the beginning.

Click here to read more about Leo's #TestedForLife Tryout.

Reaching my limits while ice climbing

Ice climbing is all about practice, focus and concentration. Even though I was a rock climber for many years, ice climbing was something completely new to me. Ice climbing with a guide is so important because too many things can go wrong.

To read Michael's full #TestedForLife Tryouts story, click here.


30 days in the wilderness with Siberian huskies

Have you ever planned on going on a 30-day expedition with ten Siberian huskies? Let me tell you; it takes a lot of preparation; there’s so much to think about. I know this because I’m a musher of purebred Siberian huskies and made this exact trip. Read more here.