Tested to the limits: Tamara Lunger vs. Nanga Parbat
At age 14 Tamara Lunger first dreams of climbing an eight-thousander. At age 23 she's the youngest woman to ever reach the peak of the Lhotse, followed by K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, which Tamara climbs without the aid of artificial oxygen. Whatever she sets out to do, gets done. One record after the next. Carried by the feeling of having found her passion, there's only one way for this extreme athlete from southern Tyrol to go: straight to the top! Roll it!

Record attempt at Nanga Parbat

Her path leads her to the peak of a lifetime: Nanga Parbat. It's 2016 when Tamara and three other mountaineers dare to attempt the first ever winter climb of this legendary eight-thousander. At the time she's barely 30 years old. With her mountaineering partner Simone Moro and two other climbers, she sets out from base camp, headed for the peak. She has her eyes locked on the prize. It would be a record, she'd be making history.

Body vs mind: Tamara struggles against her own body

Even at the beginning of the climb, her body registers an usually strong reaction. There was little time to acclimate for this winter climb, Tamara suffers from bouts of nausea and weakness. Still she pushes on, meter for meter. Until she can push no more. The peak is there, 70 meters away. She can see it, nearly reach out and touch it. The first woman to climb Nanga Parbat in winter. But her body rebels. Will she allow this chance to slip away, this record?

To prevail or to fail? The moment of truth

It's right here, just 70 meters from her greatest goal, where Tamara Lunger is faced with a gruelling decision. Check out our People Story to find out which path Tamara chooses.

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