Lofoten Ride and Surf Diary: Day 2
It’s day 2 on Lofoten and day 1 in the snow. Time for author Sebastian Huber to tell us something about their first trip.

It’s day 2 on Lofoten and day 1 in the snow – and things started out relatively relaxed. Because it’s situated north of the polar circle, Lofoten stays light until 9:45 at night, and I mean light! I guessed straight from the start that we’d ride the last line at 8:15 pm.

The day looked like this: breakfast at Lofoten Ski Lodge at 8am, meet with our guide Morgan Salén at 8:45am, first ride on the slopes shortly after 9am. This kind of relaxing start doesn’t exist in the Alps in April. Morgan chose the perfect tour for us, proving his expertise of the area. Our goal today was the Rundtin (803m) on Vågan, a summit seen from afar and which offers an amazing view of the ocean and the city Svolvær. Get out, strip down, click in. I can’t forget to mention Simon Strangfeld, our resident surfer, who went up the mountain for the very first time with a splitboard and managed to keep up and reach the summit with all of us!

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://www.gore-tex.co.uk/blog/app/uploads/2016/04/GET_Videoblog02.mp4"][/video]


Our late start to the day led to our late return home – but the choice of spots and lines were unbelievable today and if the sun just doesn’t want to set, then there’s really no reason to stop. With cliff drops, powder turns, firn descents and big mountain lines, not one from the riders to the videographer to the photographer got much time to rest. Seb Michaud and I didn’t allow ourselves not to take one last trip just shortly after 8 that evening, before finally returning to the car to some dinner and a shower.

Nico Zacek: “It was so impressive how Simon Strangfeld kept up on his first splitboard tour. We’re excited for him to show us how to ride waves tomorrow.”

On Tuesday we go straight to the beach, where waves are expected and then we go right from the ocean back up the mountain – that’s how you “Ride and Surf Lofoten”! Greg Hills will hopefully have his luggage back, lost somewhere between Seattle and Oslo… stay tuned!

Take a look at some previews from the shoot today:
GORE-TEX Experience Tour Ride and Surf Lofoten GORE-TEX Experience Tour Ride and Surf Lofoten GORE-TEX Experience Tour Ride and Surf Lofoten
Photographer: Manuel Ferrigato
Photographer: Manuel Ferrigato