How to get switched-on to switching off

Do you ever get tired of always being on? Life in the city can be a continual source of energy, but with it comes noise and a constant urge to keep your phone at the end of your arm. Turning off the continuous buzzes and pings of technology can sometimes feel impossible. Always keeping one eye on what everyone else is doing means we often switch off to our surroundings when it should be our screens.

It’s not a secret that continually checking social media isn’t great for mental health. And when we’re not feeling our best it’s much harder to maintain physical health. It’s time to put down the phones and get moving. There’s incredible stuff happening just minutes outside of the city—you just have to leave your WiFi hotspot to find out what.

Search and explore more

‘You don't need to travel across the world to have an adventure, just do some research, and you'd be surprised what you find in your own backyard’ - Tamara Lunger Alpinist

Next time you find yourself sitting on the sofa searching through the latest Netflix additions, why not turn off the TV and have a quick search for local woodland areas to explore? Grab your sneakers and get out there. Walk, jog or run, just make sure you get outside. Although it’s tempting to take your phone with you, try leaving it at home. If you don’t want to disconnect completely, try my favorite smartphone feature, “do not disturb”—or for the truly dedicated, “airplane mode.”

Heading into nature can be such a refreshing experience, don’t shut yourself off to it by taking headphones. Enjoy the peace and quiet. There’s something so satisfying about the sound of crunching twigs underfoot and hearing the birds calling out to each other. If you were planning on grabbing a coffee with someone, why not bring them along too?

The online world is full of people showing off their achievements. This competitive attitude can really take its toll. By taking yourself away from the constant chatter of who’s better than who, you can focus on truly enjoying yourself—whatever it is you’re doing.

Recapture time to reflect

‘It’s okay to enjoy a WiFi detox.’ - Stefan Glowacz Climber

People think that turning off WiFi when it’s so readily available is a communication crime. It’s not. It’s actually thoroughly enjoyable. Did you know the average person spends five years and four months on social media? That’s the same amount of time as it would take someone to climb Mt. Everest 32 times. We’re not suggesting you do that, but you could consider getting out of the city for the weekend. Taking on a hike can be the perfect way to escape the temptation scroll through Facebook for hours on end.

When you’re hiking you’ve got to stay focused on what you’re doing, and you definitely want to make sure you have your hands free for balance and climbing. That means hiking can be a phone free zone. Fine, you might want to take a photo or two along the way, but try to keep phones tucked away until you reach a safe spot to capture the view. 

Experience more experiences

‘I really enjoy mountain tops, finally achieving that moment where you can go no higher when all the challenges have been overcome. It is a tangible success to reach the top.’ - Greg Hill Mountaineer

Likes online feel fantastic. Getting retweeted for a particularly witty remark certainly gives me a kick. But nothing feels quite as good as success achieved by actually doing.

Have you ever actually touched the top of a mountain? The feeling is indescribable. You wouldn’t even think to check your inbox when you reach the top and can look out and see how far you’ve come.

There are so many more things to think about when going climbing. Are you warm enough? Are you going to get caught in the rain? Can you move comfortably? With all these things to keep your mind occupied, your remaining energy should be spent enjoying the journey. If you want peace of mind every step of the way, make sure you stay protected with gear that won’t let you down. Our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise means you never have to worry about getting outdoors. We do more than keep you dry. Our GORE-TEX products have been built to move like you do, keeping you warm when you need it while letting your skin breathe by allowing water vapor to escape.

Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

The best way to achieve this? Do more things. Run. Cycle. Hike. Climb. Step away from electronics and recharge yourself instead.

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