High Camp - the original alpine touring festival
Every year up to 1,000 athletes meet to test, learn, party and tour some of Norway’s most beautiful landscapes.

Just over a week ago, the second High Camp of the year came to a close. It’s here that skiers and snowboarders met for the annual alpine tour in Norway. To round out the season, camp was set up for riders – old and new – to enjoy nature in a relaxed atmosphere. Guided tours were on offer, which allowed participants to take in the stellar landscapes as well as give them plenty of time to test different kinds of gear. On top of that there was a variety of films and presentations, as well as useful courses and finally a party to celebrate the end of the ski season. One of the destinations over the last few years was Hemsedal, the main ski area for the two largest cities in Norway. We’ve also hosted at the classic Lyngen alps, a peninsula in northern Norway where all of the mountains plunge directly into the sea.

High Camp Sunnmøre

There were two locations again on offer this year: at the beginning of March, we met for the first time in Sunnmøre, a wild ski area with steep mountains and narrow fjords.

Take a look at the video from the event yourselves:

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High Camp Turtagrø

The big event was in Turtagrø, home to some of the biggest mountains in Norway. There, we hosted 800 athletes on the first weekend in May. Just watch and enjoy:

For more beautiful pictures and informations about the event click here!

Author Hendrik Breuer is the marketing- and sponsoring manager of the Norwegian freeski magazine Fri Flyt that is responsible for the event. For the seventh year now, he is arranging the two high camps.  He is an active skier and travels around the world, always searching for the deepest powder and great nature experiences.

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