GORE-TEX brand ambassador Sigrid presents her debut album
On a Thursday afternoon at the end of January, the big announcement came: Sigrid, the singer and GORE-TEX brand ambassador, had sent us an exclusive invite to preview her debut album. A concert for family and friends: the gig was set to take place in London a week later. For days prior to the event, Sigrid was on social media, posting about how excited she was to finally be taking this important step ahead of the launch of her debut album “Sucker Punch,” which is scheduled for release on March 8th, 2019.

The big day had finally arrived: Sigrid hit the stage with her band, performing live in the heart of London. The weather was very British indeed: rainy! Alongside a generous helping of snow and slush for good measure. No big deal for Sigrid; she was flawlessly dressed for London's weather, sporting her Norröna GORE-TEX jacket and GORE-TEX Chuck 70s by Converse in the mean streets of the metropolis. I wouldn't be caught letting the weather put a damper on my trip to one of the world's fashion capitals either. My adidas Originals GORE-TEX Karkaj windbreaker and my adidas Original NMD sneakers kept me high and dry all day.

Let the show begin!

Sigrid kicked off the show with an interview with a BBC Radio 1 moderator where she spoke in detail about how she had been feeling throughout the process of working on the album. In her unmistakably natural and inspiring manner, she talked at length about just how intense this time in her home town of Ålesund had been for her. She'd spent the previous few months recording the album at Ocean Sound Recordings Studio-a truly magical place. I paid her a visit there last year, where I experienced the singular magic of the place for myself. Anyone looking for an elaborately-staged concert would certainly have been sorely disappointed.

Just a single guitarist and a female background singer accompanied Sigrid throughout her intimate, almost quiet performance, which featured the hit "Strangers" played by Sigrid on the piano by herself. While performing her newest song "Sight of You", Sigrid even had a bit of stage fright, as she later confided to me backstage. In any event, she's definitely won me over as a fan! Wishing you much success with your new album, Sigrid!

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