All about the #TestedForLife Tryouts Challenge
Our tests are relentless, and our standards are higher, because we know that life is full of tests. All products made with our technologies are rigorously tested in the lab—but that’s only the beginning. To make sure our technologies are truly fit for use—and to help us constantly innovate and evolve—we take them out into the environments and conditions where we know you’ll be using them.


In our TESTED FOR LIFE Tryouts, we expose our products to extreme conditions out in nature. This means GORE-TEX products have to prove themselves in the types of places you'll be using them. And that's why we're inviting you to join in our TESTED FOR LIFE Tryouts Challenge. Learn more!

Today we'll be meeting up with Greg somewhere totally different: In our rain testing tower, where our athletes test just how waterproof our products really are. Greg's ready - are you?

Tamara Lunger is familiar with some of the most remote places on the planet and has been atop eight-thousanders in the Himalayas and in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. Where's this exceptional mountaineer's favorite place? Find out here.

Is there even such a thing as a normal family? If you ask our author Marlene from Gore, it would be the opposite of Maria and Thor and their four kids Lydia, Aaron, Amy and Filippa. The "Six Pairs of Shoes" family, as they call themselves, could be something right out of Pippi Longstocking. Read the whole story!

GORE-TEX athlete Robert Jasper is convinced that climbing is an all-embracing, sensory sensation. In over 30 years the extreme mountaineer has mastered numerous openings, solo and first ascents all over the world – especially at the Eiger north face. To learn what makes his favourite place stand out and what Robert needs to fully experience the “Eiger Nordwand”, watch the video.

Looking for things to put on your bucket list? For many, a trip to Iceland is definitely right at the top. We'll be giving away an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Iceland in our #TestedForLife Tryouts Challenge!

Whether it's driving in a Jeep through the arid landscapes of Namibia, crossing the icefields of Patagonia on skis or sledding across Baffin Island in the Arctic – he's always looking for the next big wall to climb: Stefan Glowacz is never at a loss for adventure. Find out more here.

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