A Love Letter #Tryout to GORE-TEX

The word is out: we're calling on everyone to submit their tryouts! Your GORE-TEX tryout lets us see you and your passion! Whatever it might be: a walk through town, an afternoon on the playground with the kids, a party you won't soon forget, a hike? Whatever comes to mind, show us how your GORE-TEX equipment makes your everyday routine that much more enjoyable.

Need some GORE-TEX tryout inspiration?

My tryout is more or less a love letter to the GORE-TEX brand. Seriously! I love just taking a walk in the woods to clear my head during my lunch break or on my days off. When I get the urge to take a walk amongst snow-covered trees, I'm always ready to follow my heart in the moment. Thanks to GORE-TEX, I'm always ready to go. And I know I won't be stuck in soggy clothes and shoes during my next meeting.

When April showers come a-knocking? When it gets windy? When I suddenly have to break into a sprint because my daughter wants to play hide-and-seek? I'm ready! And I know I'll stay dry. That's why I love my GORE-TEX gear.

On that note, grab your phone and start filming or send us your photo. Then upload your tryout here!

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GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ for town and countryside

We've expanded our product range for all active comfort enthusiasts with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ technology. Whether you're in town or the countryside, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ is water repellent, totally windproof and highly breathable.

The perfect fit for any lifestyle. What about yours?

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