Curious about how GORE-TEX® fabrics and apparel are engineered? Wondering about their durability and performance, or how they are cared for and maintained? You'll find all this information and more right here. If not, contact us and we'll be glad to help.


What is GORE-TEX® fabric?

First introduced in 1978, GORE-TEX® fabric is created when we laminate our patented GORE-TEX® membrane to high performance textiles, which are then used by authorised garment manufacturers to make outerwear, accessories, and footwear.

Where can I buy GORE-TEX® fabric?

GORE-TEX® fabric is available only to our licensed manufacturers, who create garments and footwear to our exacting standards.

Who can manufacture GORE-TEX® garments?

Only a limited number of specialist garment manufacturers are licensed to use our fabric in accordance with our strict quality standards. We test every garment design before it is approved for production. We only sell GORE-TEX® fabric for production of approved designs. Plus we guarantee the performance of all finished GORE-TEX® apparel, footwear and accessories, not just the fabric.

So if your garment says GORE-TEX® outerwear on the label, you know it carries the Guaranteed To Keep You DryTM  promise, no matter who manufactured it or where you bought it.

Where can I get a GORE-TEX® product catalogue?

At Gore, we only manufacture GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® fabrics, not finished garments. To see products made with Gore fabrics, you have several options: contact us to learn which of your favorite brands contain our fabrics; contact your favorite retailers to request their catalogues; or use our Store Finder to locate stores near you selling GORE™ products.

How can I be sure I'm buying a genuine GORE-TEX® product?

No matter which manufacturer makes the product, you'll find our GORE-TEX® or WINDSTOPPER® trademark label sewn into an inside or outside seam. In newer products, it might also be embroidered on the sleeve or chest of a garment, or you might find it on a small metal tag on the outside. Remember: If it doesn't say GORE-TEX®, it's not.