Waterproof and breathable.
Protection and comfort for your hands.

GORE-TEX® Gloves

Outer Shell
GORE-TEX® membrane
Inner Lining

GORE-TEX® gloves are durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable – guaranteed. Water stays on the outside while perspiration can easily escape from the inside.

Less moisture is trapped in the insulation so it remains drier and keeps your hands warmer. The result: enduring weather protection and personal comfort, balanced heat transfer and optimum moisture management – even in harsh conditions. Your hands stay warmer when it‘s cold, and drier when you perspire.

All GORE-TEX® gloves carry our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.

Ideal for

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Ski Touring
  • Motorcycling


Enduring Weather Protection

Water stays on the outside.

Highly Breathable

Perspiration can easily escape from the inside.


Enjoy wintersports – even in harsh conditions.

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Outstanding tactility. Sure grip.

GORE-TEX® Gloves
+ Gore grip technology

With their innovative layered construction, these gloves offer outstanding dexterity and tactility for an optimum grip.

One glove. Two options.

GORE-TEX® Gloves
+ Gore 2in 1 technology

These gloves with two different chambers make it easy and convenient to change between direct grip and warmth.

Drier. Longer.

GORE-TEX® Gloves
+ Gore active technology

Thanks to their enhanced breathability, these gloves are the ideal solution for active sports in cool and cold conditions.

Warmer. Longer.

GORE-TEX® Gloves
+ Gore warm technology

Even in harsh conditions these gloves are optimised to keep your hands warmer for longer.